About Us

Our Story

ZevoPals was founded by parents for parents.

We are moms and ex-Microsoft engineers and have worked in other hi-tech companies for over a decade.
We, like you have been part of the overwhelming Monday-Friday grind. Balancing school drop off and pick ups, chauffeuring our kids for after school activities while keeping up with homework, house work and demanding jobs. Need we say we found little to none family time.

We all want to give our kids the best of academics, sports and extra-curricular activities but there had to be a more efficient method to the madness! One that is fun for our kids and convenient and cost effective for parents.

Our quest for this solution led us to ZevoPals, an answer that was around us all along- COMMUNITY AND FRIENDS. Bring together neighborhood friends with skilled teachers for every area-art, music, academics right to our homes!

We piloted this model in our own neighborhood and could immediately see the benefits – no more driving to classes, no more waiting outside, extra-curricular activities became more fun in a familiar environment rather than chores- and a little secret, we even managed to get in some time for our own passions!

Zevo Pals now brings these benefits to your family and your community. Choose from our wide variety of activities, decide your time, location and circle of friends and we will bring experienced and skilled teachers to you.

Our goal is to provide convenience, flexibility and most important learning new skills in a trusted and familiar environment for your kids and you! Hope it works for you!