How zevopals was born


I had my first child 10 years back. Life changed after that. Everything was about the baby and after 10 years it is still the same! As a mom, I want to give my kids the best of everything. But I started realizing that in the process of facilitating the best set of activities and classes for my kids, there was a lot of lost time—time that could be put towards other things, like time for myself and my hobbies.

I also realized that I was not the only one feeling this way. At parties and other social gatherings, many moms echoed my complaints: Are there any parenting groups out there? I think my child is interested in music but we have no time to take her to music lessons. I have turned into a chauffeur driving my kids everywhere. Am I doing the right thing having my child in so many activities? I have no family time left! What is the right thing to do?

Like everyone else, I wanted to help my children discover their interests and develop hobbies. I wanted to have them learn new things without pushing them too hard. This meant trying out a lot of things.

To make it easier, some of us moms would carpool to a class. But again, it meant packing the kids in the car, getting stuck in evening traffic, waiting outside the class until it was over, and driving back home. The whole process took two hours for a 30-minute class. My friend and neighbor, Shilpa, and I felt that parents of all school-going kids shared our pain. We would often chat about this problem. There had to be a better solution.

We had wonderful communities and neighborhoods around us. Our kids had several neighborhood friends they played with. If we could just get some kids together and have the professional teachers come to us, that would save us all the driving, waiting, and the hard work involved. To give this model a try, we started a chess class for our kids and their friends. It worked great. Kids had to just hop and skip to their friends’ house. They were excited to learn with their best buddies. The groups were small and there was more focused learning.

We couldn’t have asked for a better solution! Soon, word spread, and friends and friends of friends started trying this model out with us and loved it as well.

This is how ZevoPals was born.

There’s no more driving to after-school activities for us. We hope ZevoPals benefits many more parents like us.


By: Aparna Barde

Mom and Co-Founder, Zevopals.

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