It Takes a Village to Raise a Child


One of my most cherished childhood memories was playing everyday with friends in our neighborhood park. It was very simple – every evening go out and play till you are called in for dinner. If mom or dad can’t pick up from bus-stop, we would eat and stay with our neighbors till parents were back. Neighbors cared and watched for each other. They were our extended family. I always dreamed for my kids to have a childhood as wonderful as mine. Free and unstructured play is not only critical for healthy child development, it helps developing their creativity, physical and emotional strength.

ZevoPals was born out of the desire to see my kids not only play with their neighborhood friends, but also learn with them. “Zevo” comes from a Greek word ma’zevo which means “to collect” and “pals,” as we know, means “friends.” The motto of ZevoPals is just what the name implies—to collect friends who learn and grow together.

Kids loved learning with their friends—they looked forward to the lesson, whether it was chess or Math or Piano. My son made lots of new friends and so did we, the parents.

Growing up, Both my parents were working and always busy. Even then they made sure, we as family, spend quality time together. And trust me, it goes a long way! One of my goals at ZevoPals is to make parents’ lives easier. By facilitating in-home classes, parents save precious time and energy. and I hope they spend it on fun family activities.

We believe in the age-old adage that it takes a village to raise a child. ZevoPals hopes to bring the village together—friends, families, and educators—to help raise happy, healthy, and confident kids.


By: Shilpa Gupta

Co-Founder of ZevoPals. I live in Redmond with my husband and 2 kids. Before starting
Zevopals, I worked for 8+ years in Tech companies including Microsoft and Expedia.

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